Where do I mail my payment?

Please mail your check or money order to:

NLR Electric
P.O. Box 936
North Little Rock, AR 72115


Where can I pay my electric bill in person?

NLR Electric has partnered with MoneyGram to increase the number of locations and hours of operation available for you to pay your electric bill.  There is no fee for using this service for paying your NLR Electric bill.

Can I pay by phone?

Call 501-975-8888 to authorize an electronic payment with your credit/debit card. This option is available 24 hours a day for residential customers.

How do I make payments online?

View and pay your electric bills at your convenience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, online at My Account.

What is Pre-Authorized Payment (bank draft)?

You can now sign-up online to automatically pay your bill from your checking account.  The Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) option allows monthly debits of your current electric bill from your bank account at no cost.  Just click HERE to fill out the online form and never miss another payment.

What is Levelized Billing?

Maximize your budgeting power by minimizing the normal highs and lows of seasonal electric bills. The Levelized Billing program is designed to bill a year-round residential customer an amount approximately equal to an annual monthly average.

To sign up, simply fill out our Levelized Billing Agreement form.

Will I receive a shut-off notice?

The bill due date will serve as the shut-off notice. If a customer would like a payment reminder, it will be via email or text, which will be automated via My Account.

What if I need to ask for an extension?

A customer may only request a Temporary or Medical Payment Extension prior to disconnect date. A request made after the disconnect date will not be honored. To request an extension please contact customer service at 501-975-8888 or click HERE for our online form.

What happens if my service is disconnected for non-payment?

A reconnect fee of $25 is due for reconnection of service during business hours or $50 after hours. NLRED may also impose or increase the amount of deposit for non-pay disconnection or other events related to the creditworthiness of the customer in $100 increments; provided that the deposit will not exceed two and one half times the expected highest monthly bill.

What are NLR Electric's Billing Fees?

$2.83 Credit check
$100 to $300 – Deposits are based off Credit Check for NEW customers and Credit History with NLRED for PREVIOUS customers.
$25 – Customer error account setup (requesting wrong service address)
$25 – Reversal of final account
$25 – Reconnect of service after disconnection
$50 – After hours reconnect
$25 – Meter inspection
$75 – Meter Test Fee
$75 – Manual meter reading
$300 – Use of unauthorized meter
$100 – Cut meter seal
$100 – Usage from illegal restoration
$500 – Bypass/tampering

What if my service is disconnected and your office has already closed?

The customer will be required to pay bill in full after disconnection prior to turning power back on. Current technology allows for online and telephone payments with remote reconnection that can be made 24 hours a day.

Phone payments are available by calling 501-975-8888 or online payments nlrelectric.com/my-account to authorize an electronic payment with your credit/debit card. This option is available 24 hours a day for residential customers.

What if I think my bill is too high or too low?

If you feel your electric bill is higher or lower than usual, please contact Customer Service at (501) 975-8888 to review your usage or view your usage online with My Account.

Who qualifies for Prepaid?

Most residential and some commercial accounts* are able to enroll in Prepaid.

*Net metering accounts or 320 amp services are not eligible for Prepaid.

What are the benefits of enrolling?

More payment flexibility – pay in advance how much and how often as is convenient.

No due dates.

No shut-off notices.

No penalties for paying late.

No fees for reconnecting service.

No security deposits.**

** Security deposits on existing accounts are credited to your account. This credit is used to pay for any usage up to the current date. Any remaining credit can be left on the account and used for future power purchases. Please note that you may have to repay an existing security deposit if you return to the postpaid billing option.  Security deposits related to meter tampering still will apply to Prepaid accounts.

What if I owe money?

Any remaining balance due on your account can be set up in a Prepaid arrangement.  The balance is paid using 50% of future payments to your account. This means 50% of all payments go to pay your prepaid arrangement, and the other 50% go toward your Prepaid credit for future power purchases. After your Prepaid arrangement is paid back in full, 100% of all payments go toward your future power purchase.

How much do I need to get started?

Customers must pay an initial minimum credit of $50 that will be used to fund the account. There after the minimum credit payment will be $25.

What if my service is disconnected?

Accounts that are disconnected for non-payment are still eligible to enroll in Prepaid and are not charged the reconnect fee. Deposits are refunded and credited to your account. The remaining credit is used for future purchase of power, or any remaining balance due can be set up on a Prepaid arrangement. However, a $50 credit is required to start Prepaid.

How do I keep track of my Prepaid credit?

Credits are adjusted through a daily billing. The billing rates and fees are the same as postpaid accounts. NLR Electric helps you track your credit with notifications by e-mail, text or phone calls when your balance falls below $25. If your account no longer has a credit balance, your service is disconnected until you make a payment.

How do I make payments?

App: NLR Electric’s online bill payment system.

Website: www.nlreletric.com

Call: 501-975-8888

Accepted payments: Credit, debit, and MoneyGram.  No checks.


If using the above methods, payments normally are credited to your account within 30 minutes. Extenuating circumstances may delay reconnection on payments made after 5 p.m.

CheckFree payments are not allowed to reconnect the account.

Payments are accepted through the mail or by using a third-party payment site. However, these payments may take several days to be received and posted to your account.

Please note that a minimum payment of $25 is required.

How do I sign up?

Complete this webform or contact Customer Service at 501-975-8888.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Call 501-975-8888 during regular business hours to speak with Customer Service.

What is an outage?

An outage is a sudden loss of power due to forces or events outside of our control, such as weather, vehicle collisions, animal interference or equipment problems. If you have been affected by an outage, please report this by calling the Automated Outage Reporting System at 501-975-8888 (Press 1) or online at Report an Outage.

When will my power be restored?

The North Little Rock Electric restoration process gives top priority to situations that threaten public safety. The remaining work is prioritized based on what will restore power to the largest number of customers. Follow NLRElectric on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date outage information.

Why do neighbors have power and mine is still off?

Your neighbor could be served by a different transformer or main line. For instance, your service could come from a line in the back of your house, and your neighbor across the street could be served from a line in front of your house. In any event, please report your outage to 501-975-8888 (Press 1) or online at Report an Outage.

What causes my lights to flicker?

Flickering lights maybe caused by a poor connection on your service line, or a poor connection in your meter/breaker box. The flicker occurs because contact is occurring only part of the time. Temporary faults on the power system can also cause voltage dips. It is not uncommon to see lights flicker during extreme weather conditions.

Can I use a portable generator during an outage?

Generators can be used if connected properly. If a generator is connected to an outlet in your home, the electricity can travel out onto the power lines and through transformers creating a life-threatening situation for our employees trying to restore power. Please contact the North Little Rock Electric Engineering Department at 501-975-8888 for instructions on proper generator use.

What do I do if there are tree limbs on my electric lines?

North Little Rock Electric offers tree trimming services in an effort to curb unnecessary power outages. If you notice tree limbs on or near the electric lines please contact a representative at (501) 975-8888 or online at Request Tree Trimming.

How do I report a streetlight out?

Streetlight outages can be reported online at Report a Streetlight Outage or by phone at (501) 975-8888.

How do I sign up for residential service?

Please provide the following when applying for residential North Little Rock Electric Service:

  1. Click HERE for our online form.
  2. Proof of Identity – Government issued photo ID (Examples: State Driver License or ID, Military ID, or Passport).
  3. Residential Deposits – The amount of the deposit will be based on credit risk to NLRED. Electric deposits begin at $100.00 and will not exceed two and one half times the expected highest monthly bill.  The deposit decision reflects the credit risk associated with the credit report of the individual(s) applying for service. These deposit decisions are based upon the credit score from a national credit repository.  A credit check fee will be applied for each applicant upon processing.  In order to process the credit check, the applicant must provide a Social Security Number (“SSN”). Service will not be denied for failing to provide a SSN; however, applicants who do not provide a SSN will be charged a minimum deposit of $300.

Meter Inspection (If needed) $25.00 (Meter Inspection is performed for new meters or when a meter has been inactive for six or more months.)

Customers may also establish service over the phone by calling 501-975-8888, but must provide the following requirements:

  1. Full Name (must be at least 18 years of age)
  2. Driver’s license number and state of issue
  3. Social Security number
  4. Date of birth
  5. Employer
  6. Daytime telephone number or a contact person (to reach you should a question arise concerning your service or location)
  7. Email (if available)
  8. Mailing address (if your mailing address is different from the street address supplied above)

Can the deposit be waived for residential service?

A residential deposit can only be waived when paying through our Prepaid program.

How do I sign up for commercial service?

Commercial and Industrial accounts shall be established in the legal name of the business.  The following is required to start Commercial and Industrial accounts.

  1. Click HERE for our online form.
  2. Federal Tax ID #
  3. North Little Rock Business License (if inside city limits)
  4. A deposit amount not to exceed two estimated maximum monthly Utility bills is to be obtained prior to furnishing service to a commercial or industrial customer.  As an alternative to a cash deposit, if the amount required exceeds three hundred ($300.00), the customer may furnish an automatically renewable surety bond or an irrevocable letter of credit from a local bank.  (Refer to Deposits below for additional details)
  5. Estimated energy requirement or completed load sheet.

Meter Inspection (If needed) $25.00
*Meter Inspection is performed for new meters or when a meter has been inactive for six or more months.

Is deposit required for commercial service?

Commercial and Industrial Deposits are required prior to service. The amount required, will be based on estimated energy requirements, completed load sheet or will be two times the expected average monthly bill.

Can the deposit be waived for commercial service?

A commercial deposit cannot be waived. Deposits are required for all commercial accounts. Irrevocable bank letter of credit, surety bond or cash deposit is required at the time of service request.

What if I need electrical work done on a new commercial or residential service?

Please contact the NLR Electric at (501) 975-8888 or by email at nlred-engineering@nlr.ar.gov prior to starting any work that may affect your electrical service. We will provide you with the construction standards and connection information that can help avoid costly mistakes.

What is an electric inspection permit and why is it required?

If, for any reason, the electric meter has been removed from the location for which you are requesting service, then an electric inspection is required for safety. The cost of the inspection is $25.00 and will be added to the first month’s electric billing. Once the inspection is approved, the Electric Department will be notified to schedule installation of a new meter and connect the service. If the inspection is denied, the property owner will be contacted and informed as to what is required to meet electrical code. Service will not be provided until the problem is corrected.

Call City of North Little Rock Planning Department at (501) 975-8835 for more information.

Who do I contact for outside security lighting such as a floodlights or night watchers?

NLR Electric offers outside security lighting at a monthly rate depending on the size and type of lighting needed. If you are interested in outside security lighting for your property, contact City Services Customer Service at (501) 975-8888 or fill out our online Lighting Agreement form.

What are NLR Electric's Billing Fees?

$2.83 Credit check

$100 to $300 – Deposits are based off Credit Check for NEW customers and Credit History with NLRED for PREVIOUS customers.

$25 – Customer error account setup (requesting wrong service address)

$25 – Reversal of final account

$25 – Reconnect of service after disconnection

$50 – After hours reconnect

$25 – Meter inspection

$75 – Meter Test Fee

$75 – Manual meter reading

$300 – Use of unauthorized meter

$100 – Cut meter seal

$100 – Usage from illegal restoration

$500 – Bypass/tampering

What do I need to get solar panels/apply for net metering?

Most people use a contractor.  An electrical one-line diagram, power ratings, spec sheets, panel layout, mounting specs and load calculations need to be submitted with the application fee to Planning.

What fees are associated with net metering?

$100 application fee, $250 interconnection fee, and Sherwood’s or NLR’s fees for permits.

Who has to review/inspect my facility before I can turn it on?

If in NLR, NLRED, Planning, electrical inspector and NLRFD review the application.  NLRED and electrical inspector inspect the installation.  If in Sherwood, NLRED and Sherwood review and inspect.  If in the county, just NLRED will review and inspect.

What if the review is failed? Then what?

Reason for failure will be provided.  Small issue(s) won’t require new application/fee.  Big issue(s) will require new application/fee.

When will NLRED change out the meter?

NLRED does not have to change the meter.  All residential meters are programmable for net metering.

How does NLRED pay the customer for excess electricity generated?

NLRED will credit the excess and apply it to the next billing period.  When the account is closed, NLRED will purchase excess credits at avoided cost.

Can the customer transfer credits between accounts?

No, credits are non-transferrable.

If the customer’s facility says they generated more than what NLRED’s bill says, why is the electric bill not $0?

There will always be a customer charge.  Power generated does not always flow back to NLRED’s system.  Electricity generated by the customer is generally used immediately by the customer.  That is electricity that the customer is not having to pay for from NLRED.

Customer power generated ≠ NLRED power credited.

How much generation can a customer install?

Residential is up to 25 kW.  Commercial is up to 300 kW.

What if a customer qualifies for net metering and wants to install more than what NLRED’s system can handle?

NLRED will provide an estimate to upgrade the system.  The customer is responsible for paying the total cost of the upgrade if they choose to proceed.

Does net metering have an ordinance? What ordinance?

Where can customer find the Rules, Forms or more information?

NLRED’s website.  From the main page, go to “Energy Efficiency”, then “Net-Metering/Distributed Generation” or click HERE.

What is the digital smart meter?

The new digital meter does the exact same job as the analog meters, measuring and recording energy usage. The difference is that the digital meter uses new technology to provide two-way communication between North Little Rock Electric Department (NLRED) and your home. It will periodically transmit the gathered data about your electricity usage in your home to NLRED, making your service more reliable.

What will happen when the meter is changed out?

Service technicians wear identifiable uniforms and carry identification badges. He or she will knock on your door to inform you that the swap will take place. If you are not home, a door hanger will be left to let you know the change-out took place. This normally takes less than 3 minutes. Your home will be without power for just a brief instant. The technician will make the swap, check that the meter is working properly and leave your property.

Will I be able to read my digital smart meter?

Yes, these digital smart meters have an easy-to-read digital display instead of dials.

How do you know that the billing usage data being sent wirelessly is actually my data and does not belong to my neighbor?

When data is collected from a meter and transmitted wirelessly to North Little Rock Electric, the data contains specific identifiers associated with the customer’s meter number and service address. This information is validated numerous times to ensure accuracy before the data is used for billing, similarly to cell-phone billing.

Will I pay a monthly amount for my digital meter?

You will not be charged for the digital smart meter.

Will I need to replace or upgrade my electric breaker panel for the digital smart meters?

Unless we discover a safety issue that we are obligated to address immediately, you will not have to replace or upgrade your panel. The digital smart meters are the same size as the existing electric meters.

At what radio frequency (RF) does the new digital meter operate and will it interfere with other wireless devices in my home?

The frequency communicating to the electric meter is 900 MHz (megahertz). The electric meter frequency is similar to a cordless phone and will not interfere with any wireless devices in your home.

Is the RF energy produced harmful to human health?

RF emitted by smart meters is well below the limits set by the Federal Communications Commission and it is below the levels produced by other common household devises like cell phones, baby monitors, satellite TVs, and microwaves. No credible evidence shows any threat to human health from RF emissions at or below RF exposure limits developed by the FCC.

Is the digital smart meter network secure?

The Information Technology (IT) security controls in place for the new digital meters reflect energy industry best practices. They are designed to provide a very high level of assurance that our systems cannot be compromised. The North Little Rock Electric Department takes all reasonable and necessary steps to ensure the services we provide our customers are not only high quality and easily available, but also extremely secure. In addition, we constantly monitor for evolving threats and attempts to breach security and progressively update our system protection as needed. We also regularly review, test and simulate incident response situations.

Will I need to provide NLRED access to the digital smart meter?

According to the Service Agreement with North Little Rock Electric Department, Services Rules and Regulations Resolution 2265, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide access to the meter and the meter’s breaker panel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An object obstructing access to our meter equipment is sufficient cause for North Little Rock Electric to discontinue or suspend supply of electric services.