Your solar power contractor is required by law to provide you the following to ensure you make an informed decision before purchasing solar power:

  • Description of the system and including the system’s placement on your premises
  • Nameplate capacity (kW) with expected monthly and annual output of the facility (kWh)
  • Estimated annual loss of production from the facility as it ages
  • Estimated timeline for installation
  • Total cost of the facility
  • Amount you must pay at signing of the agreement and at the completion of the installation
  • Payment schedule
  • Payback period
  • Forecasted savings – monthly and annually – based on your current electric rates with fees.
  • Description of any warranties with term length
  • At least five (5) days to evaluate a net metering proposal before it can be binding.

If you believe that your rights have been violated by a solar power contractor, you should contact the Arkansas Attorney General at (501) 682-2007 or

If you have any questions regarding Net Metering or Solar, please fill out the form below.  Select “Net Metering/Solar” for the department and a representative will contact you to address your question.

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Renewable or “green” energy sources have a well documented history.  For many years, the idea was novel but may not have appeared practical.  More recently, green energy has become easily obtained and affordable.  NLRED recognizes its customers’ interests in incorporating these energy sources at their home or business.  The document below allow NLRED customers to meet their energy goals while still allowing NLRED to stand by its Mission Statement:  To provide reliable power at and affordable cost through responsible, community-focused business practices.

If you are thinking of making the switch to solar, you cannot be enrolled in a prepaid account. You must be enrolled in our standard traditional monthly billing.

NLR Electric WILL NOT call your phone to “sign you up for energy saving services” or knock on your door asking to “check your meter to save money”.   We are not associated with these companies, even if they say they are from NLR Electric.  Please research any company promising “FREE ELECTRICITY” or ‘NO MORE ELECTRIC BILLS” before signing a contract.  Click HERE to learn more about scams in our service territory.