Residential Customers:

Please provide the following when applying for residential North Little Rock Electric Service:

  1. Click HERE for our online form and complete NLRED Residential Service Application
  2. Proof of Identity – Government issued photo ID (Examples: State Driver License or ID, Military ID, or Passport).
  3. Residential Deposits – The amount of the deposit will be based on credit risk to NLRED. Electric deposits begin at $100.00 and will not exceed two and one half times the expected highest monthly bill.  The deposit decision reflects the credit risk associated with the credit report of the individual(s) applying for service. These deposit decisions are based upon the credit score from a national credit repository.  A credit check fee will be applied for each applicant upon processing.  In order to process the credit check, the applicant must provide a Social Security Number (“SSN”). Service will not be denied for failing to provide a SSN; however, applicants who do not provide a SSN will be charged a minimum deposit of $300.

Meter Inspection (If needed) $25.00 (Meter Inspection is performed for new meters or when a meter has been inactive for six or more months.)


Commercial and Industrial Customers:

Commercial and Industrial accounts shall be established in the legal name of the business.  The following is required to start Commercial and Industrial accounts.

  1. Click HERE for our online form and complete the NLRED Commercial Service Application
  2. Federal Tax ID #
  3. North Little Rock Business License (if inside city limits)
  4. A deposit amount not to exceed two estimated maximum monthly Utility bills is to be obtained prior to furnishing service to a commercial or industrial customer.  As an alternative to a cash deposit, if the amount required exceeds three hundred ($300.00), the customer may furnish an automatically renewable surety bond or an irrevocable letter of credit from a local bank.  (Refer to Deposits below for additional details)
  5. Estimated energy requirement or completed load sheet.

Meter Inspection (If needed) $25.00
*Meter Inspection is performed for new meters or when a meter has been inactive for six or more months.

When moving to a new home, you always face many last-minute details. One detail we can make easier is transferring your electric service. If you are moving from one residence in our service territory to another, all you need to do is complete the Residential New/Transfer Service Application or the Commercial New/Transfer Service Application.

To close an account, customers will need to complete the online Termination of Service Form. Customers will also need to verify secure information upon request.

$2.83 – Credit check

$100 to $300 – Deposit based off credit check

$25 – Customer error account setup (requesting wrong service address)

$25 – Reversal of final account

$25 – Reconnect of service after disconnection

$50 – After hours reconnect

$25 – Meter inspection

$75 – Meter Test Fee

$75 – Manual meter reading

$300 – Use of unauthorized meter

$100 – Cut meter seal

$100 – Usage from illegal restoration

$500 – Bypass/tampering