View and pay your electric bills online at your convenience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with NLR Electric’s My Account.

NLR Electric’s My Account is now available for mobile devices and tablets.  With one click, you can now access your North Little Rock Electric account anytime, anywhere.


Call 501-975-8888

You can pay your bill 24 Hours a day over the phone using your checking account, debit card, or credit card.

North Little Rock Electric Department
P.O. Box 936
North Little Rock, Arkansas 72115

We still accept checks and money orders sent through the United States Postal Service.  Just remember, if you are needing to make a payment by a certain date, please allow for the extra delivery time.

NLR Electric has partnered with MoneyGram to increase the number of locations and hours of operation available for you to pay your electric bill.  There is no fee for using this service for paying your NLR Electric bill.

Here’s how to pay with MoneyGram:

  • Find a MoneyGram location that accepts bill payments, such as Walmart.
  • Bring the following:
    • Enough cash for the electric bill
    • NLR Electric account number
    • Receive Code:  19020 will display as North Little Rock Electric Department




2501 McCain Blvd

North Little Rock, AR 72116

(501) 404-6059


8604 HIGHWAY 107

Sherwood, AR 72120-2902

(501) 834-1090



8801 HIGHWAY 107

N Little Rock, AR 72120-2929

(501) 833-3127



N Little Rock, AR 72117-2519

(501) 945-2700


9053 HIGHWAY 107

Sherwood, AR 72120-2933

(501) 833-0972



North Little Rock, AR 72113-7274

(501) 851-6102




N Little Rock, AR 72118-4820

(501) 771-7549




North Little Rock, AR 72117-4120

(501) 945-9755

PAY AS YOU GO!!!  The NLR Electric Prepaid program offers residential (and some commercial customers) the ability to have greater control of their account management. Under the program, customers prepay for service and may avoid paying security deposits. However, the customer is subject to immediate disconnection if account reaches or falls below a zero balance.

If disconnected, restoration of electric service will usually occur within minutes after an adequate payment has been made and confirmed.  Enrolling in Prepaid is free, and rates for usage are the same as postpaid accounts.

Auto Pay is a convenient option to pay your bill each month that allows you to pay your monthly bill through an automated draft from your bank account or credit card at no extra charge. By enrolling in Auto Pay, you authorize North Little Rock Electric to withdraw funds from your selected account to pay your monthly bill on the due date.
You are not required to sign up for it. We offer it for your convenience only. If you prefer to mail your payment or schedule it through your bank, please do so.

You must have provided a bank account and/or credit/debit card information to enroll in Auto Pay. 

On the website:

  • Log-in to My Account
  • Click on Billing & Payments
  • Click on Auto Pay Program on the sidebar
  • Click on Sign Up for Auto Pay
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions then follow the instructions
  • Enter in Bank information or credit/debit card

The City of North Little Rock governing officials recognize the fact that customers are sometime unable to pay their bills because of circumstances beyond their control.   The City of North Little Rock authorizes Central Arkansas Development Council (CADC) to administer and provide for the delivery of Home Energy Assistance “financial aid” to qualified low income electric customers.

CADC financial aid is the funds of last resort and is coordinated with any other available funding to maximize availability to greatest number of customers possible. Contact CADC Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

CADC Payment Assistance Office:

2904 S. University Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72201

Phone:  501-665-4870

Because lifestyle changes and extreme seasonal temperatures can affect your monthly bill, signing up for Levelized Billing allows you to pay an average amount per month instead of paying for high usage amounts in one season and lower usage amounts in another season. Your levelized plan balance will be shown on your bill each month.

On the website:

  • Log-in to My Account
  • Click on Billing & Payments
  • Click on Levelized Billing
  • Click on Enroll


Don’t use My Account? That’s OK, simply complete our online Levelized Billing Agreement and Cancellation Form.

Terms and Conditions for Eligibility

• An applicant must be a customer for at least twelve consecutive months at the same residence to qualify for the program.
• The current bill must be paid to a zero balance.
• Should customer terminate service or elect to be removed, any account balance will be due and payable within thirty (30) calendar days from the date on the notice of termination.
• The customer further understands if disconnection does occur, this agreement becomes void and in order for services to be restored the entire amount due plus reconnect and/or collection fees must be paid prior to reconnection.
• Customer agrees to pay henceforth, in full, all billing as calculated by Levelized Billing on or by the Delinquent Date as posted on the bills.
• As a result of the deferred balance, Shut-off Notices will not be automatically issued. Payment arrangements are NOT available to customers on Levelized Billing.
• Timely monthly payments are required. Customer understands and agrees that if delinquent in payment three or more times in any 12 month period, this agreement may be voided and customer billing will be placed back on actual use basis.
• The Department may discontinue this agreement if customer’s premises become inaccessible to Department personnel for reading, maintenance or inspection of metering equipment as specified in Department’s Rules and Regulations.
• The customer will be removed from the program if North Little Rock Electric’s General Service Rules & Regulations are not followed.

Sign up for Paperless Billing and reduce your monthly paper usage – and mailbox clutter – by reviewing and paying your monthly electric bill online. It’s free, convenient and secure!

Once you enroll in Paperless Billing, you’ll receive an email each month alerting that your bill is available for online viewing. It allows access to your account and bill online – any time, from any internet connection. It also provides up to 24 months billing history that can easily be accessed, saved or printed for your records.

On the website:

  • Log-in to My Account
  • Click on My Profile
  • Click on My Information
  • Click on Update My Paperless Setting
  • Toggle either On or Off

NLR Electric offers Invoice Billing. The Invoice Billing service allows customers with multiple accounts/meters to view all of their accounts, balances and total balance on one monthly bill. Invoice Billing provides a combined billing statement each month with the following features:

  • All NLR Electric bills are calculated on the same monthly billing cycle.
  • All NLR Electric bills are received in one mailing.
  • The Invoice Billing statement lists the account number, service address and amount due for each account.
  • Each account’s electric bill will accompany the Invoice Billing statement to provide detailed billing information on each meter.
  • All NLR Electric bills can have the same due date.
  • All NLR Electric bills can be paid with one payment.
  • Your NLR Electric accounts can be divided into different billing groups if this best fits your account payable process.

For more information or to enroll in Invoice Billing, call 501-975-8888 or email

$2.83 Credit check

$100 to $300 – Deposit based off credit check

$25 – Customer error account setup (requesting wrong service address)

$25 – Reversal of final account

$25 – Reconnect of service after disconnection

$50 – After hours reconnect

$25 – Meter inspection

$75 – Meter Test Fee

$75 – Manual meter reading

$300 – Use of unauthorized meter

$100 – Cut meter seal

$100 – Usage from illegal restoration

$500 – Bypass/tampering