Low Income Assistance

The City of North Little Rock governing officials recognize the fact that customers are sometime unable to pay their bills because of circumstances beyond their control. Below are options that are available to provide support to our low-income customers.

North Little Rock Electric Residential Assistance Program

North Little Rock Electric has established our Residential Assistance Program to provide financial assistance to our low-income customers in need of aid. To be eligible, applicants must be North Little Rock Electric customers for the last 12 consecutive months and must not be prepaid customers. Customer Bill must be within 7 days of disconnection and must be at least $100.00. Use the link below to access our Residential Assistance Program Application.

FFY 2024 Arkansas Eligibility Chart

Household Size Income Limit Determined By: Maximum Monthly Countable Income (MCI)
1 SMI $2,054
2 SMI $2,685
3 SMI $3,317
4 SMI $3,949
5 SMI $4,581
6 SMI $5,213
7 FPG $5,678
8 FPG $6,320
9 FPG $6,963
10 FPG $7,605
11 FPG $8,248
12 FPG $8,890
13 FPG $9,533
14 FPG $10,175
15 FPG $10,818
16 FPG $11,460
17 FPG $12,103
18 FPG $12,745
19 FPG $13,388
20 FPG $14,030


Additional Eligibility Requirements

When utilities are included in the rent for households with subsidized housing and receiving a subsidy, stipend, allowance or reimbursement for utilities, the household is not eligible for benefits.

Central Arkansas Development Council (CADC)

CADC offers aid to low-income households that pay a high percentage of their income on home energy bills. Use the link below to access the CADC website and learn more about these benefits.

CADC Payment Assistance Office:
2904 S. University Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-665-4870