Trees and power lines are not a good combination. Trees are our number one cause of outages, especially when storms bring lightning, ice, or high winds. That is why North Little Rock Electric maintains two dedicated tree trimming trucks as well as contractors working hard to keep trees around overhead power lines properly trimmed.

As part of our ongoing preventative maintenance program, we annually identify areas to clear trees and limbs away from pole-to-pole power lines. NLR Electric has contracted West Tree Service, W.A. Kendall Vegetation Services, BDG Trees, and Looks Great Services to help with our ongoing preventative maintenance program.

  • If trees, limbs, or brush are located within the clearing zone, it will likely be trimmed or removed. NLR Electric strongly suggest not planting any vegetation with a mature height of over 15 feet in the clearing zone.
  • Vegetation should be planted at least 10 ft away from ground-mounted equipment.  Any vegetation hindering access will likely be trimmed or removed.
  • Crews chip and haul away brush and small branches. *Storm restoration clean-up may vary*
  • NLR Electric does not perform trimming on trees for the service wire (line from the pole to your home/business). We will disconnect service line free of charge to allow for safe pruning. Advance notice of 48 hours or more is needed before disconnection. Please call 501-975-8888 for more information.
  • Customers who receive notification of either a locked gate and/or animal in yard will need to either:
    • Unlock the gate or put up the animals during the requested maintenance period
    • Contact the contractor listed on the door hanger to coordinate a more convenient time for our work to be performed

  • Prior to the arrival of work crews, all power lines are inspected in the service area to determine the work that is required.
  • Doorhangers are left to notify customers of Tree Trimming Crews being in the area in the next few weeks. The Tree Trimming Supervisor’s Phone Number is on the back.
  • Situations may arise when vegetation maintenance will be performed without prior notification. This may occur when a tree has caused a power outage or poses an imminent safety hazard.  Please see NLRED’s Rules and Regulations for more information.
  • If you have a tree that needs trimming out of the power lines, please complete the form below or contact Customer Service at 501-975-8888.

We are currently working in various areas throughout our service territory.  Click HERE to view our current Tree Trimming contractors.

If you further questions or need to talk with our Vegetation Management Manager, please go to our CONTACT FORM, select TREE TRIMMING/VEGETATION MANAGEMENT, and fill out the form with your questions or concerns.