Utility Pole Inspections

North Little Rock Electric contractors may be in your area soon for inspection of utility poles.

Pole Maintenance is a priority for NLRED, it can save money by reducing unnecessary replacement costs and add additional years of durable service to the life of a pole. For the next 3-4 months, Alamon Utility Services will be performing pole inspections starting in the Amboy area then working east to Camp Robinson Rd.  Alamon Utility Services could be using a variety of ATV’s for transportation from pole to pole.

Three things you should know about doing business with North Little Rock Electric:

  • North Little Rock Electric will never send an employee to your home or business to collect payment.
  • Our employees will never call or visit you and request your personal or financial information.
  • If an employee has a service-related reason to visit, they will ALWAYS:
      Arrive in a North Little Rock Electric vehicle or in a vehicle marked as a Contractor for North Little Rock Electric.
    1. Be in a North Little Rock Electric uniform or present a photo I.D. with the North Little Rock logo.