Contractors in your area

NLRED has contracted Alamon, Inc. to do pole inspections and maintenance from May 2019 until September 2019.  They will be working the area between Camp Robinson/Remount and 67/167, north of I-40 (Park Hill, Overbrook, Indian Hills, Lakewood, Levy). They will have a side-by-side atv and should have a “NLRED contractor” magnet on all vehicles.  They will at times be accessing backyards to get to poles and will probably be working some on the weekends.

3 things you should know about doing business with North Little Rock Electric:

  1. North Little Rock Electric will never send an employee to your home or business to collect payment.

  2. Our employees will never call or visit you and request your personal or financial information.

  3. If an employee has a service-related reason to visit, they will ALWAYS:

  • Arrive in a North Little Rock Electric vehicle or in a vehicle marked as a Contractor for North Little Rock Electric.
  • Be in a North Little Rock Electric uniform or present a photo I.D. with the North Little Rock logo.