As your partner in business, one of our goals is to help you efficiently establish electric service for your business. North Little Rock Electric has a staff of professionals who can help make your project run smoothly from a utility standpoint.

We encourage you to call for a consultation prior to starting any work that may affect your electrical service. They can provide you with the construction standards and connection information that can help avoid costly mistakes.

Below is contact information. 

New or Retrofitted Electric Service: 

Greg Woodward 501-992-4073


For Questions Regarding Electric Code Enforcement:  

NLR Code Enforcement 501-791-8581
NLR Electrical Inspector 501-975-8835
Sherwood Code Enforcement 501-835-4753  
Sherwood  Electrical Inspector 501-835-4753  


Click below for:

NLRED Service Standards
Construction Standards for Residential Service Installation
Home Energy Rating
Net Metering/Distributed Generation Rules
Small Wireless Communications (Small Cell) Facility Regulations